Command Line Program, or CLP, is a command line program for iOS.

It is not a shell, but a collection of various commands using the greatest UI of all time: the command-line interface.

Use cases to use commands of Command Line Program come from the need that is right now. For example:

  • Get local weather.
  • Check latest tweets using “tweet” command and tweet latest Astronomy Picture of the Day.
  • What is my latitude and longitude right now: use “location” command and there it is.
  • Are there cafes nearby: use command “location nearby cafe”.
  • What is my device’s IP address: use “network” command.
  • What is the ASCII code of ‘+’: use “ascii” command.
  • What was the Astronomy Picture of the Day of Christmas Eve 2012: use “apod” command.
  • View latest RSS items of your favourite feeds.
  • Get inspiration for the moment from proverbs all over the world.
  • And so on and so forth…

Depending on new needs, user wishes or some other trigger, new commands will be implemented.

Over a dozen commands are implemented, including:

  • apod, Astronomy Picture of the Day by NASA.
  • wttr weather info from
  • quakes, list latest earthquakes
  • ascii, ASCII and extended ASCII, chars 0 - 255.
  • cowsay, Cow says.
  • curl, Get URL content (text/plain & application/json).
  • httpheaders, Retrieve and list HTTP headers.
  • location, Current location.
  • network, Device network info.
  • quakes, Show latest earthquakes.
  • proverb, Collection of proverbs around the globe (over 40,000).
  • pwd, Generate random passwords.
  • quote, Collection of various quotes (over 150,000).
  • roman, Roman numeral converter and calculator.
  • rss, Read RSS feeds.
  • sun, Sunrise/sunset time in current location.
  • tweet, Send and search tweets.
  • uname, Generate random usernames.

Some features require purchase of Premium features. Premium features are purchase using command “Premium purchase”. Command “Premium info” gives more information about Premium features.

Privacy Policy

CLP does not collect any personal information. All preferences etc. are saved only locally to device.