Command Line Password Manager is now in version 0.4. Although the version number is zero.something, it’s still a major release with lots of refactoring.

Changes include new name (, moving to Python3, new functionality and totally changed format for storing accounts/passwords. They are, of course, encrypted but file format and also format of each account is different.

Previously format was JSON and there seemed to be good reasons for it. But when I started to think of new version and new features, I realized that those good reasons were not so good after all. Time will tell if current format is good, or at least good enough. For details of the format, check the source code.

I also changed the license from Apache to MIT and the main reason behind this is that it’s easier to understand and it gives freedom to use the code in many ways. I’ve come across MIT-stuff lately and it also seems that MIT and other permissive licenses are gaining popularity over not-so permissive GPL. IMHO, that’s good and I’ve observed my own behavior when I come across GPL software: I don’t even touch it!

So, CLI Password Manager is now in version 0.4 and I do have plans for future versions too. Who knows, maybe I can even get to version 1.0 eventually 🙂