Command Line Program for iOS is a command line program for iOS. It’s not a shell but a collection of various commands using the greatest user interface of all time: the command-line interface.

Command Line Program is available at App Store.

It could be just me, but in my head I hear people asking: WTF, command line on iOS? But why?? The answer is, of course, why not? and because I have an interest in command line programs and I just wanted to do it and I don’t like developing graphical user interfaces 🙂

But almost seriously… I think there is a place for this kind of command line program for iOS. For example:

  • When you need to quickly get latitude and longitude where you are standing: open clp and type “location” and you get your lat and lon.
  • Checkout a random Astronomy Picture of The Day: type “apod”.
  • When does sun rises and sets: type “sun” and see the time of sunrise and sunset.
  • Need for some wise words: type “proverb” and read one of over 40,000 proverbs.
  • And so on….
  • All currently implemented commands are listed in GitHub page and the same place is the place for comments or perhaps wishes for new commands.

Current commands are by no means the end of story. Depending on new ideas, user wishes, or some other trigger, new commands are easily implemented.

Just starting...

Entering a command...

Result of apod-command

Proverbs and quotes...

Usernames and passwords...

ASCII codes...