Star Wars: Destiny is a card/dice game set in the, you guessed it, Star Wars universe.

Destiny is a fast paced, easy to learn game and (of course) a must for all Star Wars fans. In the game you build your deck using familiar characters, locations and events from the Star Wars Universe.

I’ve been playing since it game out Dec 2016 and I won the Store Championships yesterday. Here’s the game report (check out the deck and report also here):

Store Championships report

Elite Palpatine - Galactic Emperor showed the ways of the emperor in Store Championships in Finland. To my surprise, I won with this deck 🙂

As in real life, luck (or perhaps destiny) was a major factor.

1st game

Against Elite Kylo Ren - Vader’s Disciple and Elite Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice.

Lost this one. But with more luck I might’ve won. I had bad luck with upgrades as I didn’t really get any. No Force Illusion either.

2nd game

Bye. There were eleven players and I got a bye for the second round.

3rd game

Against Elite Kylo Ren - Vader’s Disciple and Elite Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice.

Lost this one too. Similar, if not the same, deck as the first game. And again, with more luck, I might’ve won. Palpatine was dealing good damage but Vader and Kylo dealt more of it.

4th game

Against Elite Rey - Force Prodigy and Elite Han Solo - Scoundrel.

Won this one. I got Force Push quite early and it was a good one. I got good dice and was dealing damage a lot. Palpatine defeated Rey and Han with 10 or so HP left.

So 2-2 after Swiss, with one bye. I packed my stuff and was ready to leave. I was thinking that “okay, Palpatine is gone”. Then the tournament organiser told the results and there I was, number 4 after Swiss. But how is that possible, with 1 win, 1 bye and 2 losses? I checked the ranking and my SoS was ~0.66 and 5th player was ~0.62. That’s pretty close. I guess my SoS was a little better because I lost both Swiss games to top 1 and 2 players after Swiss rounds.


Against the Top 1, the same one I lost the first game. I won the battlefield and that was a game changer. I got a bit more luck this time and in the end won with Palpatine having 2 or 3 HP left. One detail to remember is that Vader threw one ranged damage and I Deflected it back and defeated him 🙂


Best of three games against the same one I lost my 3rd game (Top 2 after Swiss). For the first game, I won the battlefield and it was very tough game to win. For the second game, I won the battlefield again and it was even tougher. Rise Again and Force Illusion saved Palpatine 3 or 4 times during the two games. It’s worth remembering that Rise Again allows to play upgrade from discard pile for free. I got Force Lightning that way in one of the games.

Just before the end of the second game, Palpatine had 3 HP left and I claimed the battlefield and healed one. The opponent managed to do 3 damage before round was over and then the final round began with Palpatine 1 HP left and opponent’s Kylo had 3 or 4 HP left.

I started the round and threw the dice (2 Palpatine, and 2 others), Palpatine rolled 2 ranged damage and, fortunately for me, the opponent didn’t have means to remove the damage and I won with 1 HP left. Very very tough game and the best I’ve ever played.

Lessons Learned

The first lesson is the battlefield. Otoh Gunga - Naboo is a must for Palpatine, I healed many HP with it and would’ve lost if I hadn’t won the battlefield during the finals.

The second lesson is the upgrades. I need more of them as I didn’t really get any upgrades during the first games. Force Speed is a must but if that’s your only upgrade, it helps only so much. Also I didn’t get Sith Holocron and even if I had upgrades in my hand, I didn’t have resources to use them. So cheaper upgrades to be added to deck. Force Illusion is a must.

The third lesson is the events. I had good events including Deflect, Isolation, Rise Again, Trust Your Instincts and others.

But then Enrage was not used once (and I wouldn’t want to deal 1 damage to myself), Manipulate was used maybe once, Anger couple of times but requires blanks for my dice and I don’t ever have many dice in the game. Now You Will Die was used once. Overconfidence seems like good one but I used it only couple of times.

All those events are subject to change. Perhaps only one Anger. One New Orders might be a good one. Events that remove opponents dice are always good choices and events that don’t require any special conditions. All In, Swiftness, Aim are also something to consider.

The deck used in the tournament:

Otoh Gunga, Naboo (Spirit of Rebellion #157)

2x Palpatine, Galactic Emperor (Spirit of Rebellion #11)

2x Sith Holocron (Awakenings #16)
1x Force Throw (Awakenings #57)
1x Mind Probe (Awakenings #60)
1x Force Lightning (Spirit of Rebellion #14)
1x Force Push (Spirit of Rebellion #54)
2x Force Speed (Spirit of Rebellion #55)
2x Force Illusion (Spirit of Rebellion #135)

2x Enrage (Awakenings #81)
2x Feel Your Anger (Awakenings #82)
2x Isolation (Awakenings #85)
2x Deflect (Awakenings #145)
2x Use The Force (Awakenings #149)
2x Anger (Spirit of Rebellion #71)
1x Manipulate (Spirit of Rebellion #73)
1x Now You Will Die (Spirit of Rebellion #75)
2x Rise Again (Spirit of Rebellion #76)
2x Overconfidence (Spirit of Rebellion #130)
2x Trust Your Instincts (Spirit of Rebellion #133)